TV Theatres: Trelemorele

The two main characters, a man and a woman whose identity is variable and uncertain: they keep changing their sex, profession and appearance. This manipulation provokes unusual reaction in between the viewers. Locked up inside a TV they are forced to play different characters in accordance with the current, popular trends of creating something loud, drastic, sudden, something that will glue the viewer to the screen with a flashy image instead of something essential.

The director of the play uses different commercial tools used in popular TV programmes: news and info programmes, game shows, feature forms like soap operas. The destruction of illusion and its constant reconstruction with the help of multiple overlapping worlds creates an unusual blend from which yet another stories comes to life – a story about a man mindlessly sitting in front of the TV naively consuming everything he or she sees. The play is an ambitious why of warning us against the false distortion of reality created by pop culture. It’s a view upon the world right now through the eyes of the all mighty media.

Director: Piotr Łazarkiewicz

Screenplay: Piotr Łazarkiewicz based upon the works of Tadeusz Różewicz

Poland, 2006, 60 min.

Production: mediabrigade for TVP 2