Dance Marathon

Magdalena Łazarkiewicz returns to the known but timeless topic of young love and passion, which eventually gets out of control and explodes during a dance marathon held in a small provincial town. A test of friendship will fall upon two teenage girls as they compete against each other in order to win a life changing prize. Will rivalry take the better of them?  A local outsider Christian falls in love with Jessica a guest pop star. Soon he discovers that her life is far from being a dream and decides to win her heart over. But will there be a prize at all? Because two small-time crooks, are lurking around. In all this commotion, deep, dark secrets come to life...

Director: Magdalena Łazarkiewicz

Screenplay: Maciej Kowalewski

Cinematography: Wojciech Todorow

Poland, 2011 98 min.

Production: Grupa Filmowa

Co-production, Executive production: mediabrigade